Integrated Coastal Zone Management – ICZM

Coastal areas are regionally relevant economic factors. Through the various resource usages for many local people they are providing important sources of income and attract a lot of people from the hinterland.

On the historically developed terms of resource utizalisation and corresponding cultural backgrounds and claims, costal areas are as well zones of ecological and environmental stress giving several occasions for contradictory debates and conflict resolution – which to be successful needs honest attempts in integrating different interests of users and types of use.

As a consequence well established communication and cooperation are important prerequisites to successfully develop and preserve a sustainable economic, social and natural coastal environment. We support and establish corresponding ICZM processes under the well-accepted goal to keep coastal areas ecologically intact.

For instance in Germany a National Strategy for ICZM, based on the EU recommendation 2002/413/EC, is recommended and has been adopted by the federal government in March 2006 in order to provide appropriate coordination and communication structures for ICZM process in the German coastal zone.

But many state and local governments are still lacking severe efforts of ICZM implementation, although urgent solutions for the future development of coastal areas must be found, as there are:

  • high number of tourists with increasing demands
  • growing international and national trade relations expansion of ports and transport routes
  • increasing offshore activities plus special demands and pressure towards the adjacent coastline infrastructure resources
  • expansion of already existing marine and coastal uses (natural gas, wind energy parks, flow turbines for power generation, mariculture, cable and pipe line routes, etc.)
  • climate change caused sea level rise

If you want to start ICZM activities, specify corresponding planning and projects or starting or improving its implementation, we are looking forward to your requests and we will be glad to support you!