Measuring Technology

Our ultrasonic measuring technique has been especially developed to analyze the consistency and structural changes of liquid, pasty and solid substances.

In the field of environmental monitoring it allows for example,

  • the measurement of suspended matter concentrations and sedimentation rates in rivers and reservoirs with high spatial and temporal resolution,
  • the determination of density- and consistency gradients in mud and silt layers with centimeter accuracies the detection and rheological characterization of fluid mud.

In industrial production processes our technology may be used

  • to optimize and control individual process steps as for example rates of mixing, homogenization, fermentation, polymerization,
  • to detect structural inhomogeneities in liquids and solids as well as the kinetics of settling processes and the location and development of boundary layers in storage tanks,
  • to carry out high-resolution 2D and 3D structure analysis.

In contrast to standard market measurement technologies, we provide sensors for the solution of very special customer-specific measuring tasks. An essential part of our offer is to tailor data-visualization and -analysis software to the special needs of our clients. If desired, we integrate our sensors into already on site existing measuring and control technology.