Inter-Municipal Federation- and Collaboration Processes

Demographic changes affect almost all areas of life: mobility, work, education, tourism, living and corresponding vacancy of habitation, health care etc.

That’s why demography effects everybody, regardless to shrinking or growing communities!

Many communities want to reduce future risks and secure their existence by a closer cooperating or even by merging with other municipalities.

We accompany you in your particular federation attempts, supporting your corresponding developments of planning and projects, as well as implementing your inter-municipal cooperation. We are aware hat every step has to be done with a lot of sensitivity and responsibility, which is a general attitude of our way of working.

Many municipalities apply for participation in the funding program “Smaller cities and towns – through local cooperation and networks”. We have a very special experience with this prestigious program and in the meantime we have guided several local communities to earn the benefits from this special way of intermunicipal collaboration of Germany.