European LEADER/Community-led Local and Rural Development

In the European Leader competition entry of the last funding period we wrote regional development concepts (REK) for four regions and all these regions got the permission to receive European Union Leader funds which means a 100% success rate! So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expertise for also writing your REK for the new funding period 2014. We have also written successfully development concepts regarding the German ILEK (Integrated Rural Development Concepts) guidelines for 4 regions.

According to your specific needs and desires, we

  • consult and lead diverse groups of people to a mutual cooperation
  • develop project ideas and guide them to implementation maturity
  • acquire funding and write your funding requests
  • collect and analyze relevant data and information to evaluate and implement beneficial management plans for regions, companies and public authorities, which for instance may cover subjects in the fields of nature and the environment, agriculture, social affairs, culture, youth, migration, demography, agriculture, port development, fishing, tourism, recreation and leisure, transport and mobility, economic (trade, commerce and crafts).
  • create communication and cooperation structures, if necessary due to special biographical orientations, socialization processes and relevant life-world specific intentions and subjects.
  • conduct, if necessary, region-and person-specific troubleshooting and mediation of complex conflict situations
  • apply quantitative and qualitative methods to initiate, proceed, evaluate and implement effective quality control measures with respect to every specific project boundary conditions
  • initiate professionally adequate knowledge and information transfer
  • accompany, create and intensify your public relations measures (improvement of press contacts, flyer design, presentations, panel discussions etc.)
  • develop entire region specific project quality criteria for evaluation processes
  • support regional marketing concept development as well as corresponding activities and events
  • conducting project management
  • initiate, invigorate and stabilize regional and national networking structures and activities
  • take over the responsibility and implementation of any kind of planning and project related event moderation